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  SPI has the largest selection of thermal infrared camera rental systems on the planet.  We have rental packages to fit every thermography application.  Predictive maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems, energy audits of residential or commercial structures, laboratory configurations allow you to analyze your new or existing product designs for heat flow and PCB shorts.  We even have microscopic thermal imaging systems that take you down to the 10 micron level.



Featured Spotlight Solution- Thermal Microscope

Popular infrared  camera rental systems

The PM 595 Thermovision is an industry standard in handheld predictive maintenance IR systems. This model is the long time favorite of professional thermographers for its powerfull feature set and easy operation.
Thermovision and Therma cam are registered trademarks of FLIR Systems, Inc.  Sierra Pacific Innovations is in no way related to, or affiliated with, FLIR Systems, Inc., nor is Sierra Pacific an authorized distributor of FLIR Systems, Inc.

The Ultra Thermacam series includes the PM 390 PM 280 PM 395 PM 250 SC 1000 SC 2000 imagers. These high definition industrial systems are ideal for fine analysis of PCB components and for High Temp analysis up to 1500C.
The Agema 470 is the diehard of industrial systems. The heritage of today's top of the line IR Systems comes from this ground breaking unit. Highly accurate and affordable
The 740 and 760 series of Lab systems represents unique features not found on any other units.  Electro-optical zoom (H x V), Long wavelength - short wavelength - combo units and a multitude of analysis features make this a great system for you product development or laboratory projects.

Try Before You Buy Infrared Camera Rental Program

  This is our most exciting program yet to our customers.  Through our try before you buy program you can rent our infrared camera systems before you buy them giving you time to accurately assess their usefulness in your application.  This has proven to be a much better scenario than the standard method of salesman lead demonstration which only lasts a couple hours and you have someone breathing down your neck the whole time.  With our program you can rent most of our infrared camera systems in weekly installments.  You are free to use the camera throughout your facility, at your own pace, and determine exactly what the system can and can't do for you.  Of coursre if you get stuck we are always available for one to one phone support at any time.  Now for the most exciting part- you can apply up to 100% of the rental fee toward the purchase of the system.  Even if you purchase a different thermal system from us the rental fee of any system (up to two weeks) will be applied to your purchase.  This is truly a win-win situation.  Contact us today to discuss your application and a thermal specialist will recommend the best systems for you to get started with.


Purchasing A System

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Check out our purchasing sites for the latest information and give us a call. provides state of the art Military and Industrial Electro-optics to a wide variety of United States customers.
Our infrared camera division brings you ultra high tech infrared cameras at the lowest price in the country. We have specially designed systems for predictive maintenance, non destructive testing, roofing, medical, law enforcement, military, automotive, and all other infrared camera and thermography applications.

Our Thermal imager systems employ next generation IR sensors packages which are suitable for military, police, force protection, remote sensing, security, border and perimeter protection, surveillance, night vision FLIR imaging, industrial, research and development, medical, electrical, mechanical, roofing, energy auditing & a wide array of sophisticated thermal imaging and thermography applications.

Our new website has GSA thermal FLIR Infrared cameras imagers and night vision systems.

SPI offers the latest in high technology image intensified electro-optical equipment. We carry affordable state of the art light intensification night vision devices. Units are available in a variety of configurations including nightvision goggles, night vision pocket scopes, night driving systems, binoculars, and weapon sights.

Our Tactical gen 3 and gen 4 Night vision systems pack high end generation 2 and 3+ image intensification technology housed in binocular, goggle, weapons sights & scope, and combat camera IR recording packages. Primary applications include United States force protection, night sighting & targeting, hands free operation, long/medium & long range total dark night imaging & industrial & a plethora of innovative applications.

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